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How To Tune In


Click Here To Download Clubhouse - The Drop-In Audio App



Clubhouse is invite-only. Please use this invite below to join the Fela Ten Twenty Audio Play Club




Which show do you want to attend? (We know the answer is all 4!) Click the dates below for direct links to the shows. 

What to Expect

1. Open Clubhouse to see your "Hallway" with rooms available to join

2. Use the magnifying glass icon in the upper left corner to search for people or clubs

3. Navigate back to your Hallway to join a room

4. Join a room!

  • The people at the top of the room are on "stage"

  • Moderators, who have the ability to start and end rooms, and add people to the stage have green asterisk icons

  • The next block of people on the screen are followed by those on stage

  • The final block of people are the others in the room

  • To raise your hand to go on stage, use this icon in the lower right corner of your screen

  • To leave the room, use this button in the lower left corner of your screen

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